Birthday "BODI" Challenge

Birthday "BODI" Challenge

Challenge Details

This Birthday "BODI" Challenge we will rally around our loyal member Danielle Samuel and help her get the birthday body she deserves by August 6, 2020 (her birthday)!! Be her support, her motivation and her accountability team all while getting the lift your abs and glutes will love. All we ask as a participant that you check on her progress at least once per week, eat clean with her for 30 days leading up to her birthday and follow the rules below. We will provide meal plans, workouts , fitness training and ultimately help you and Danielle transform in 30 days!!

When Danielle reaches her goals, because we KNOW she will, if you so choose, let's pin some money on the birthday girl's shirt by sending her a CashApp gift ($1 and up)! You must sign up for at least a 1 month membership to join but in return, if you follow the plan you could lose up to12lbs and 10 inches in 30 days. All memberships are month to month and can be cancelled at any time.

To join, here are the REQUIREMENTS for 30 days:

  • Daily BODI GM abs and glutes target workouts
  • At least 2 30 Minute Burn Classes per week
  • Choose and follow one of our meal plans (Follow 3 days low, 1 day high)
    • Paleo, Keto or the standard 1500 calorie plan
  • Take before (July 5th) and after (Aug 5th) pictures, measurements and weight in Nuvita App
  • Take pictures of at least 3 meals per day
Follow our 30 day plan and lose 10-12lbs and 8-11 inches in those 30 days! 

Daily Goals


Post 3 meals/day in Nuvita

Take a picture of 3 meals each day during the challenge to receive points for this goal.  You will take pictures in our Nuvita App.

Daily Ab & Glute Workout

Every Sunday during the challenge, the ab & glute workout will be posted for the week.  You must do this workout every day for that week.  You can choose between 2-5 rounds of the workout but it must be done every day.  Each workout will be between 10-15 minutes.

Eating Clean

Must eat from your meal plan at least 3 times per day which will be shown by the pictures of meals in Nuvita each day.

Weekly Goals


2 30 Minute Burn Classes

Either take a Live or On Demand 30 Minute Burn Class twice per peek.  Must post on the Leader Board at least twice per week.

Completion Based Goals


Total Workout Minutes

Must have at least 120 workout minutes per week.


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Challenge Info:

Birthday "BODI" Challenge

Dates: July 6, 2020 - Aug. 6, 2020

Reg Deadline: July 5, 2020

Participant Standings

Registration: Free

Register - Members
Note: This challenge is only available to members of Bodi GM Fitness

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