Bodi GM has been in existence since 2017.  Before opening, the owners owned a Cross Fit gym for 7 years.  One of our owners is former NFL player for the Houston Texas and Greenbay Packers.   Our master trainer is former NFL player trainer.  All workouts are prepared by our owners and master trainer.
Yes they are.  Our trainers have several certifications.  They have trained professional athletes, body builders, have competed in and won body building competitions, have trained in big chain gyms.  With over 25 years of experience in group and personal training, our trainers are well equipped to provide 1st rate class instruction to get max results.
Private Virtual Training takes place in our studio in Missouri City, Texas and live online classes take place online where you join from the comfort of your own home.  In studio, you will book a private training room for you and up to 1 family member and choose from hundreds of workouts based on categories of weight loss, muscle building, or toning and shaping depending on your goals.  A trainer will show up in a pre-recorded instructional video showing the exercises and the workout will be side by side with the trainer.  You have access to all studio equipment to do your workout.  These workouts are different from the online classes which are general non-targeted workouts.  All in studio workouts are targeted based on your goals.  Each session is 30 minutes
It is preferred that you have a stepper, resistance bands and dumbbells of 5, 8 & 10 lbs.  More advanced clients should have up to 20lb weights and a jump rope as well. 
Yes.  All of our scheduled online classes are live and interactive with a fitness trainer.  You workout in a group just as if you were in the studio except that you are at home.  The trainer hears and sees you and vice versa.  Trainers will correct form and ensure all reps are completed.